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visiting my step-aunt : part i

Published: January 31, 2024
I am with my step-aunt for the week, and I am a curious teenager who is exploring my sexuality so I can t help but notice that my step-aunt is SEXY and single! She went out for the evening, so I sneak into her closet to sniff her underwear, not realizing that she would be home so soon. I am in her closet, her panties wrapped around my cock, jerking it while thinking about her wearing them, when my step-aunt comes into her room. I freeze, panicked, as she starts taking off her dress, her heels, and then her bra and thong. Once my step-aunt is totally nude, she lays back on her bed and starts rubbing her pussy, and I can t help but peep from her closet. I can t BELIEVE what is happening! She fingers her MILF pussy, spreading her pussy lips as she gets closer to cumming, getting ME closer and closer to cumming. Then, amazingly, my step-aunt squirts - A TON - as she cums, and it drives me wild. She takes out her vibrator to get herself off again, then squirts some more. She is so sexy moan

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