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pouring their piss

Published: February 16, 2024
Gorgeous girls Emily Pink and Nikki Riddle return home when Emily says how tired she is after their day out. Nikki decides to play a prank on her friend and lifts up her dress before she starts pissing all over the glass table that Emily is resting her head on! She soon gets wet and livens up as she splashes the piss puddle all over Nikki! These hot babes get so turned on that they kiss and embark on a lesbian pee play session! Emily sits on the table and sprays a stream of her golden piss towards Nikki, then they pleasure each others pussies with their hands. Emily holds a glass jug underneath Nikki s pissing pussy and catches her stream before they switch places and Emily tops up the jug with her own juices. They get close together and pour the contents down over their faces and into their mouth to try piss drinking! After licking each others pussies, Emily and Nikki take more piss in mouth and share a red dildo!

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