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nurse ama rio wetting her uniform scrubs

Published: September 17, 2023
Nurse Ama Rio is on break & needs to give a urine sample for some tests at the Drs office but they re running late! She s been holding it and explains to the front desk lady her dire situation. Only the Dr is allowed to give out the urine sample cups unfortunately. Ama does her best to hold it all in, crossing her legs, grabbing her crotch, standing up, sitting down... oh dear... It s flowing out into her Vic Secret pink & white striped panties and through her nurse scrubs... oh her piss is making dark streaks all the way down both legs in the back & dripping off the cuff. she s so horrified and embarrassed about losing control and wetting herself. In the behind the scenes, she talks about some super hot pee play with a guy that she discovered!

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