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mya locca coworker pees her panties and pantyhose

Published: January 29, 2024
This one is an EPIC GUSHER & WATERFALL! You have a break from the long afternoon meeting & your sweet coworker, Mya is in line for the nearest bathroom. You stand in line behind her and chat about your lives, the meeting, very realistic conversation. Mya admits she had way too much water & really needs the restrooms. Every second that goes by, she s more frantic. SHe admits she s very desperate and can barely contain herself. She feels it trickling out & hikes her skirt up apologetically as a HUGE waterfall of PEE sprays out everywhere, loudly splashing on the foor & getting all down her pantyhose legs and shoes! WOW... it make a GIGANTIC puddle. She s utterly embarrassed and begs you not to tell. Just at this moment, her boss walks by and was wondering where she was?? She tries to make an excuse for this huge puddle of liquid underneath her but I don t think he boss believes her... great Behind The Scenes where she shares an embarrassing and REAL wetting story. Mya

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