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happy valentineday bring my asia girl fuck in bathroom hotel

Published: February 15, 2024
This is my true story with my ex-girlfriend. We love each other very much, but because of family and daily life, we both have to part ways. She also decided to choose a new boyfriend for her family to make her family happy. But my ex-girlfriend, she never forgot me, she still loves me and loves forever. We often meet in our spare time, sometimes in guesthouses or hotels and shopping malls. Every time we meet, we never miss the sweetness together, it is like before, so love does not change from each other. My genitals are still important to her all the time, she still likes to suck my genitals as before and I still like to lick her genitals as well. She always told me that no matter what new penis was inserted into her vagina, it was still not as good as her ex-boyfriend s penis,
My ex girlfriend she s never forget my penis although her has new boyfriend. She s still love my penis never change. She told me that your penis is my life.

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