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guyzin2rubber, rubber pig

Published: November 18, 2023
When is a rubber pig at his best? When it’s Drew Dixon along side James Bennett. Rubber guys in the tightest, shiniest rubber singlet, vest, leggings along with waders and rubber riding boots. James really goes to work on Drew by stretching his arse with a huge rubber cock and a giant butt plug. All this in preparation for James to fill Drew with his own big cock! Drew shows his appreciation through his loud vocal reactions and fountains of piss.

The energy and chemistry between these two rubber guys is amazing from floor, to wall frame to sling. James eventually gets Drew to explode over his own chest. James immediately continues to use Drew in an effort to gain his own sexual relief. Drew’s orgasmic reaction to James eating his arse out is as if he’s yet to cum. James builds to a climax with the loud shrieks of Drew ringing in his ears. Wow. what a load!

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