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goddess brandon wetting her pants so embarrassing

Published: January 15, 2024
What a horrifically embarrassing scenario. She s watching over the final exams but has been holding her full bladder for so long. She s trying to get a teacher to relieve her but you know... teacher shortage! Oh dear, she s so distracted trying not to lose control, she doesn t even notice the very embarrassing cameltoe on her tight pants! With a moan, there s a dark wet streak on her crotch, spreading rapidly on the front & going all the way down to her bare sandal feet. A lot of the pee went down the FRONT of pants & because of the wet fabric clinging, it really emphasizes her cameltoe. She s mortified as they took pics of her, laughing that their teacher peed herself. So embarrassing!! Behind the scenes where she peels off her wet pants & shows her full back cotton panties

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