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giant fetish small daddy pee in shower

Published: January 27, 2024
I m shana and my step dad has caught the shrinking virus leaving him at less than an inch tall. After a few weeks her step mom gifted him to his step daughter, because step mom wants to move on. She now keeps her step dad with her 24/7 because she doesn t want anything to happen to him, except when she is at class when she keep him tucked away in her panty drawer until she gets home

He discover me in the bath, I let him watch me in the shower. PEE and Shave my pussy and legs.
He is such a pervert and loves to watch me during my bath session. step Daddy also loves to cum with his small pennis in my panties draw
Daddy always want to be with me, he knows my body and my skin are pretty soft, I love take care of step Daddy

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