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filling it up with julia parker,rebeca by vipissy

Published: September 5, 2023
VIPissy presents Julia Parker,Rebeca in Filling It Up . Blonde babe Rebeca and her raven haired girlfriend Julia Parker are on the bed in lingerie when they decide to enjoy some fun as Julia takes off Rebeca s panties and gets her to lie on her back on their bed. She slides a funnel into Rebeca s hairy pussy and then stands above her, pissing down into it right up to the top! She lifts up the funnel and soaks Rebeca with her golden juices then these hot babes help each other to strip. Rebeca pulls down Julia s panties and licks her pussy, then has her turn at peeing into the funnel. Rebeca lays down on her side and gets fingered by Julia before these pissing lesbians use the funnel again to catch Julia s piss stream in a glass bottle. She finds it really easy to fill up the bottle as her pee stream just keeps on coming then Rebeca pours it into Julia s mouth and down over them both. She even takes some of Julia s piss in her own mouth, spitting it back out over her tits! After some pussy licking, Rebeca fucks Julia s pussy with the glass bottle and Julia pees all over the bedsheets and over Rebeca s tongue. Julia gives Rebeca the same treatment and these pissing pornstars not only release more streams all over the bed, but enjoy orgasms too!

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