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dogs just have a natural drive to check out piss

Published: February 14, 2024
Today Dog gets a reward. He will enjoy the mistress s golden shower. He lies in a noble tub and the mistress sits with wide spread legs directly over his head.
However, she does not want to give up her fun. Therefore she stimulates herself with a glass dildo. Excited by the penetration, she lets herself be driven by the excitement and lust and starts to piss.
Artfully and gratefully the slave receives the warm, noble liquid. He can smell and feel the mistress. Without prompting, he even opens his mouth and gets directly injected a proper gush into the mouth, which he also swallows artfully.
So close to the mistress, a part of her absorbed in him, the doggie is in the highest heaven. He can hardly believe his luck when the mistress finally experiences a twitching orgasm and he may watch from below.

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