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blond harlow west first time wetting her jeggings giggling

Published: February 12, 2024
Super cute girl next door Harlow West joins us for some full bladder fun in this interview/introduction pee desperation video while wearing some very tight grey jegging denim!! She s so adorable and is pressing her thighs tightly together the entire time, showing her very full bulging bladder too. We talk about all things desperation & wetting but in a gasp, she turns around and starts uncontrollably wetting herself, with LOTS of nervous GIGGLING and squeals, just WOW! It s so loud as it gushes out and splashes into her shoes & floor! She empties her shoes and peels down her pissy pants down to show her sexy thin pissed panties while we have a fun candid convo about peeing/wetting & how it felt!

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