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a letter in the post? trash my wife’s knickers (panties)

Published: August 30, 2023
Wamgirlx is excited when she sees she has post in her letterbox. She takes it from the front door, dressed in blue shorts, green t-shirt and white socks, she opens it but to her surprise is a letter from one of her fans. With her long natural brunette hair sitting on her t-shirt, her blue eyes light up as she opens the envelope. Wamgirlx sits comfortably on her couch, reading her letter out loud and finds some white knickers inside a prepaid envelope. Her number one fan wants Wamgirlx to trash his wife’s knickers for pissing him off and to send them back so he can put back into his wife’s draw. Does she change into those knickers? Will Wamgirlx help her fan? If so, how messy will she make them?