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Toilet Bot 3000

Published: April 28, 2023

Thank you for using Toilet Bot 3000! We hope that our product has met your expectations and provided you with a more hygienic and convenient bathroom experience.

🔧 Toilet Bot 3000 is a sophisticated piece of technology – don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance. All orifices should be cleaned and lubed before long-term storage. Replacement parts for high-wear areas such as the “tongue” can be ordered free of charge for the duration of the warranty period.

🎉 Planning a party or social event at your house? Make sure Toilet Bot 3000 is fully charged 1 hour before the guests arrive! Our product will happily service dozens of people for an entire evening on a full battery.

💃 Alternate outfits are now available! Visit our online store and pick from our vast selection of fresh new looks: Nurse, Cheerleader, Librarian, Nun, Astronaut and Princess. Mix and match to fit the look of your bathroom!

… the rest of this text is at the end of the video! ;)

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