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Morgan’s Peeing Experiments

Published: November 3, 2023

It’s crazy to me that after all these years (7?) of making pee porn we still find new things to try on a weekly basis. Case in point: here are 3 experiments that were new to us and probably will be to you too!

1) Filming myself peeing from under the water with a GoPro! That yellow cloud looked so good, I just had to touch myself in my own lukewarm piss ūüėč

2) Peeing on my white socks *while playing a video game*, and not dying once! Granted I’m a genius at Vampire Survivor so it was pretty easy, but still – total composure as I soaked everything!

3) I pee on Bruce’s big dick which triggers a cum explosion, all filmed in glorious 120 fps!!

Any suggestions for the future? We’re thinking about doing another “Suggestion Box” video for Christmas, so suggest away – we might do yours!

– Morgan xx

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