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Christmas Suggestion Box #2

Published: December 22, 2023

Last year‘s suggestion box video was a huge success so we’re doing it again this year – I guess it’s a PP tradition now! Prepare to have some of your ideas brought to life…

Starting with our new fantastic glass horn/funnel! You wanted it, we wanted it, I even asked twitter about it ages ago… I must have been a good girl this year because Santa delivered! Think of the possibilities: all the “big quantity” vibes of a funnel without being stuck in a horizontal position. Piss & cum mixes, funnel fucks, perhaps even using it outside in public this summer (with that new t-shirt maybe 😅)??!

I won’t spoil the finale (can’t believe I said all those things 🙈) but I gotta say: piss slapping in slow-mo looks GOOD! Like, IMAX good. Might do that one again.

Time to see some family, recharge and get ready for an even better 2024. Happy holidays everybody! 🎄

– Morgan xx

ps: leave a comment if we did your suggestion! we’re never sure if we should say the usernames or not…

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